Live More

  • 8.7.2022 Savonlinna, Saimaa Jazz Festival // Savonlinna Big Band feat. Branden Lewis
  • 6.7.2022 Savonlinna, Saimaa Jazz Festival // Kerkkä Trio
  • 2.7.2022 Tornio, Kalott Jazz&Blues Festival // Case Kämäräinen
  • 1.7.2022 Oulu, Tuba // Case Kämäräinen FIN/POL/NOR
  • 11.6.2022 Kuopio, Trattoria Sorrento Vanha Mylly // Tomi Kämäräinen Trio

Projects More

  • Case Kämäräinen
  • Trip Hop Orchestra
  • Infant Eyes
  • Moment's Quartet
  • Hula Hula
  • Groovin' High
  • Dave Forestfield & Band
  • Grateroots

Biography More

I have been playing music for my whole life and I feel that it is the only thing that interests me more than anything. Already as a child, I noticed that music was the only thing, that I was really good at. At the age of twelve I formed my very first band and after that I have started a new band every time I got interested in a new genre of music. Because of that hunger for learning, I have experienced several kinds of musical productions and learned how to work in them. Now… Read the full story


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